Welcome to FCX NFT Mystery!

As you can see there is the rectangle divided into 96 separate pieces… All of them will build one NFT picture which will be minted on XRPL once the XLS-20 standard is live. This will be edition 1 of 20, it means this one picture will be minted as 20 NFTs and you will have few chances to get it… You can get it in some giveaway, you can win this in upcoming game or you can buy it on the open market, here the „gamification” will come into play. Details will be communicated on our twitter account. Make sure you follow https://twitter.com/FCX_Focus

Why is it worth to get the limited NFT?

Having this Japanese NFT will give you additional bonuses in upcoming FCX products such as for example Multiplayer GAME. This NFT will be the ticket to become community VIP member…

How will this picture be revealed?

Every week at least two pieces will be presented so week by week more and more picture will be shown. Everything depends also on XLS-20 standard, because this picture will be minted only after the XLS-20 standard will work on XRPL. It is highly probable that we will speed up and reveal more than 2 pieces weekly in the coming weeks. Everything will drive us into Puzzle Game… Stay tuned for more details.